Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy End of Evangelion (English) - Evangelion

WELP, it's been a while but we're finally done! Here it is, in all it's glory, Happy End of Evangelion completely scanlated. Took a good amount of 3 months, but it was well worth it.

This was one fun project to do. Mainly because you could say that this book is a companion to Pengel's Epilogue of Evangelion book that we did a good long while ago.  And since the two doujins are similar in writing style and in art style, you have a direct comparison of how much we've improved since we first started out.  Charioteer tackled the author's note pages head on instead of just leaving them be.  I've added alot more steps in the cleaning process and have mastered the art of background redraw (character redraws, not so much).  All in all, we've come a long way since then.  Special shout out to Sailor Star Dust and Aquanatah for their help on the QC.

Here's to the future!


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  1. A lovely doujin. Thank You very much for doing it

  2. Thanks for the work, yet another A/S goodness. :D

  3. Awesome. Thank you for doing it. /goodjob

  4. Wow, this is cool ^^

    Thanks for it. Now i look for the Original, need for my collection. Was the real title really in English ? hope i have luck which i had in past when i get Epilogue in original ;)