Friday, October 7, 2011

My Dear Mikoko (English) - Kaiji

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Ai wanted to celebrate the end of Kaiji's second season, which caused us to burst out into bouts of MANLY TEARS, with a doujin release. Of course, since the usual Kaiji fare is off-puttingly weird yaoi or those ones where bunny girls torture and peg him, his choices were limited.

Fortunately, one came out at Summer Comiket that fit his criteria and it's actually kinda unique.  Plays panel for panel like the manga chapter that it stems from, with one slight change....Mikoko is actually a MOEMOE character (Attractive girls? IN MY KAIJI?? More likely than you think).


This was a fun doujin for me, though it did show the gap between mine and Charioteer's translation levels.  There were several lines that I had no earthly idea what Kaiji was saying and would have not known where to look.  Also, unfortunately another group had released a translation for this doujin before we could finish, so you won't be seeing this one on Fakku.  There's always a chance that this might happen when you pick a relativity new release to translate, something we don't really run into with translating older Eva stuff lol.  But since we spent the time and were 80% done, we decided that it was worth posting at least to the blog and e-hentai.  Anyhoo, till next release!


PS: Also, I will be at COMIC CON in a week!  If any of you guys are headed that way, let me know!  It would be awesome to meet up/look at doujins (My usual vender should be there, and I'm feeling the urge to BUYBUYBUY ><)



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