Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Keyhole Theater Girls 10 (English) - Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

Join us as Itoshiki-sensei... oh, wow. He's died. Died and gone to the underworld to be judged. But wait! His students have come, one by one, to join him, each with the intent to join with him. What will happen in this world without boundaries? Will our beloved Sensei's soul remain intact? Or will he be snookered into a world of nubile pleasures?

Special thanks to RooshunVodka for additional QA!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM STRANGE COMPANIONS!  Hope all you out there in internetland have a great one this season!  Check back with us in the coming weeks to see the results of a little side project we've been trying to get done (keyword: "trying" lol).  Till next time!







  1. Thanks for the release; I just skimmed the first few pages to compare it against the other translation by some group whose name at the moment I cannot recall, and your version reads much better.

    In the RSS feed has appeared a page containing some translation notes about this release, page that is not found at the blog right now. Regarding that, I just wanted to point out that the equivalent of Enma-Ou in the Western Hell is Minos, according to Dante at least...

  2. Good catch. It's been a while since I've read The Inferno, so I'd forgotten about Minos.

    And I'd just been having some problems making the cut because I hadn't switched over to the new interface, so that's why it appeared and then disappeared.