Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Harvest (English) - Wolf and Spice

Bit of a special piece we've got here.  I've actually owned this doujin for quite some time and never had the heart to debind my only copy.  But low and behold, popped back up on ebay and here we are.  Hindsight, I think I need to look at getting a better scanner, these scans do not do the original art enough justice; It really is a great book to own.  I will warn you all, there are SPOILERS to the end of the Wolf and Spice series so just letting you know before you hit the jump!

Overall really enjoyed working on this one, big fan of any Wolf and Spice doujins (There's only 2 that I can think of that I didn't like).  It's got a great chemistry between two great characters, what's not to love?






PS: I guess I'm going to start a tradition of coloring a panel from any Wolf and Spice doujin that we do, cause I did it again this time too haha.  Enjoy!


  1. Thanks So much!!! Wolf and Spice is one of my TOP favorite series! I have been wanting to see much more translation of it's doujins, hentai or otherwise. I just want the DJ to be vanilla, I don't think I could read an NTR or rape story with this series. I love it too much.

  2. Thanks for the release! Spice and Wolf is easily one of my favorite series of all time so it's always nice to see more quality work covering it.

  3. I just want to say that You should be linking Your hard work of a Coloured panel to it's ORIGINAL Size & Quality/Compression -
    - instead of blogspot's default linking of 1600px in the biggest side -

    The trick is in the biggest-side pseudo HTTP/URL folder just before the actual .* file, Which by Default AND in most cases is s1600.

    s1600 -> maximum Size (of the biggest side, height or width) of 1600 pixels (Original (maybe more compressed, can't be sure) if the Original was smaller)
    s0 -> maximum Size of 0 (ZERO) pixels = Unlimited OR as BIG and UNCOMPRESSED as it was STORED/SAVED on their Server after Your Upload => Max Quality.

    Side Note: Crappy BlogSpot's Comment's Font may put ZEROs looking like small O's (OHs) - testing - 3210o0123 (O between 2 ZEROs in a predictable count-Down + count-Up order)

    Thanks for this. It's AWESOME!. XDDD
    (as mostly always ;D )

    C Ya L8r then!. ;P

  4. i really want the 3rd season T-T

  5. @TheBest_F-22 Well, it wasn't too off since the original height was 1600x, but it did condense it. Thanks for pointing that out, I added your link under the image.

  6. Awesome job!

    Really liked this one. :3