Friday, July 27, 2012

Live24 Sena Aitou's Case - Part 1(English) - Original Work

Got a short release for ya here.  Was poking around some e-hentai galleries and noticed that Saigado (of the Yuri and Friends fame) had made this in a volume of Comic Action Pizazz.  It stuck out to me cause it looks like he modeled the two leads directly after Shinji and Mari from Evangelion, so I figured as a way to get back into the translating swing, I'd give it a shot.

Charioteer is currently in the middle of our next release so expect that in the future soon!  Till next time true believers!






  1. You have to link to exhentai instead, if it's gonna be labeled shotacon or lolicon.

  2. Damn, I guess I was hoping it wouldn't since the guy's over 18 but eh. That's for letting me know though, the link has been updated.