Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Cozy Honey (English) - Amagami

Hey all! Got another choice release here, a sweet Amagami Junichi x Kaoru doujin by J.O.C★e.go!!  I really dig this artist and really liked the other work he/she did for Idolm@ster.  As of writing this post though I noticed that there's an earlier translation that completely slipped under my radar (which is weird cause it was done a year ago >_<;).  I'll be posting here and uploading it but I guess this means no Fakku post...

Shame though, but enjoy it in any case.  I really had fun working on it and there was a good amount of lines that Charioteer had fun tackling too.





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  1. Many thanks for the release IShoutedAI.