Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Poyopacho AM (English) - Evangelion

Whoa nelly! This one is hot off the presses! A few days ago this particular doujin got scanned and I happened to find it that same day.  Got Charioteer on board and then we kicked this out in just under 4 days, probably the fastest we've ever done a doujin.  We don't normally work this fast, but the book was straightforward and we wanted to be sure to be the first to translate it, as the author is pretty popular (take a look at their other eva stuff, choice work).

Basic pairing of Asuka and Mari with Shinji, with at least a new setup to the plot: Mari cons Asuka into having sex with her and Shinji. I really like the art of the girls and of Shinji for that matter (some artists tend to make the male counterpart a faceless penis).  Hope you all enjoy!






  1. 3.0 should be out this weekend! You excited?

    1. Oh yeah! Me n Charioteer are gonna try to watch it today! Someone uploaded it to one of those anime video sites