Tuesday, August 20, 2013

EVA & EVA2 Anthology Part 1 (English) - Evangelion

Evening gents! Got a real treat here for you. Waaaay back when we were first starting out as a group I had this old manga collecting some one shot chapters by big names in the manga industry celebrating Evangelion. Charioteer worked really hard on it, but we never found scans or were able to make scans of our own at the time. Fast forward 4 years and now someone's put those scans online!

It's been pretty fun to work on this one, I for one love it when other big name mangakas get together and draw each other's characters (some of you may recall our first Genshiken release, that one was done by the author of Hayate no Gotoku). Charioteer for sure is really impressed with how far he's come in terms of translation skill by looking at what he wrote the first time around.

Now we plan on releasing these in sets of two, so for now enjoy these first two stories involving Hikari's Eva placement and Shinji puzzling over what exactly the Eva's are. We'll be switching between this and other releases as we go so look forward to the rest in the future!


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  1. Thanks for this,I look forward to reading the rest