Friday, September 20, 2013

I Say Asuka's the Cutest! (English) - Evangelion

What's that? You want non-h you say? And Evangelion? Well look no further, sir! We've got your fix right here!  Ciaociao has another release for us and this time they're riding the wave of Evangelion Q excitement!

I'm of the opinion that it's great to mix up a group's releases from time to time, just take a look at our previous ones (vanilla, yaoi, yuri, non-h).  Specifically for non-h it's great being able to typeset a doujin without having to worry about a giant splash page for the climax at every end (you know the one: "AH AHH AHHHHHHHHHH"). Call me lazy, but having to come up with a unique way to layout each letter EVERY time get's a little monotonous... In any case, enjoy this one! Charioteer also translated the author's random comics too so you get a chance to see how odd she is!


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  1. I love his/her art style. I hope he/she will make a book about lucky star.