Monday, September 26, 2011

Makinami Mari hits 9001 Downloads!

Just noticed this earlier today and wanted to thank you guys for your support!  We wouldn't be here today if weren't for readers like you!

Here's to the future!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

For Your General Use

Since Ai appears to have gotten into the image-making craze, have a response image.

LIKE A BEAST (English) - Evangelion

Ho boy! Here it is! The folks over at have been patiently waiting for this for quite some time now, but it's worth the wait! Basically, what we've done is made a dual release. A bunch of our readers from that board requested that we use a colorized version of this doujin that popped up, but I was still on the fence about it. So what I did since both versions were the same size and lined up the exact same, was just make two versions of this release. Those of you that would like the color version can have it, and those that prefer the black and white can have that as well. It's a win-win!