Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wolf and the Rutting Season - Wolf and Spice (English)

Now I'm really excited about this release.  Why? Two reasons.  Number 1, this is a Wolf and Spice doujin.  Number 2, this is another from the collection of Wolf and Spice doujins by the author Ikuta Takanon.  I'm kind of a big fan of his art style (sheepishly glances at my stack of his works).  It's a great mixture of cute and sexy, which is hard to find a balance of these days.  Anyhoo enjoy this release, the first of Takanon's Wolf and Spice run.




  1. Thank you for the translations. Could you also make the RAWs for your translations available? Some people prefer them for various reasons :)

    Also, you know that your works are being uploaded to E-hentai? This gallery is at http://g.e-hentai.org/g/328026/2fa8f53b3e/ ?

    I am not sure if your group has the official account there, but you can claim your translations. If you don't want your translations stolen by others it is a good practice to upload to EH first. That's what many translators and groups do (DM, TV, LWB, and others). Ask on the forums if you have more questions.

  2. Ask and you shall receive! http://g.e-hentai.org/g/328175/811827ad5e/

    Thanks for the advice, it was much appreciated!

  3. There's just not enough Spice & Wolf works out there. Very good, thanks.

  4. Thank you for this release and the many Evangelion releases from before.

  5. Any chance of getting translated other works from the same artist/circle?

  6. Most definitely! I love this author's art style, so as long as I can get a hold of raws, we'd be able to scanlate them.

  7. You're such a bro.
    I'm uploading this http://doujinshi.mugimugi.org/book/21416/Ookami-to-Bureikou/
    today as i get back home, 11/12 hours.

    Thanks again!

    PS. How come you got captcha on comments?

  8. Here ya go
    (不詳) (同人誌) [ひなプリン] 狼と無礼講 (Okami to Bureikou)

  9. I actually have these raws from a bit ago off of Fakku, sorry if you went though trouble to get them. I did remove the captcha though, didn't realize it was there.

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