Monday, February 21, 2011

Godlike Living - The World God Only Knows (English)

WELL NOW, Katsucon was an....experience, let's just put it that way.  I had some fun, but had to work nonstop being on staff.  Anyhoo, I did manage to finish working on this little number while I had some down time.  I do like the idea of keeping Kami-sama in character by forcing his actions.  It just seems odd to me that a guy who wouldn't willingly get involved with anyone has the balls to force himself on someone ><



  1. You worked Katsucon too, I'm curious, which department?

  2. I was second in command of the volunteer department.

  3. Ah cool, I was in Guest Security, I feel your pain of working non-stop this weekend

  4. hi there!
    thanks a lot for your kindred efforts!
    if you allow me to give you an advice, i' would say that it would be very beneficial for you to send your releases to manga updates, you'll get more followers (i didn't have a clue you released so much stuff *drolls*)
    keep them coming! xD

  5. It looks like someone has already been adding all our releases on the site, I'll take a look to see if there's anything I can add. Thanks for the tip!