Monday, September 20, 2010

Love Rei X Shinji - Evangelion (English)

This will be the first in a series of posts with our previously released works. This here Eva doujin was our first step into the world of hentai! Before this, we had just done a short 3 page work that was a part of the Genshiken G2 collection. As most early releases go, my skills as a typesetter were fairly limited, and I hadn't begun to really work with the raws with cleaning and such. Charioteer will probably have more to say about the translation side of things, but that's all I got for now on this release.


The translation was actually pretty simple. I think I'd gotten at least 90% done with Sono Go by this point, so I blew through this in about two days . I'm actually a bit embarrassed at some of the non-porn dialogue now that I'm looking over it, though.

I'm not sure what the third panel on page 7 meant. There were some earlier Eva works by this circle, but they aren't online.

Penis Notes: ... I'm guessing by the circle name and by... page 32... that at least the artist is female. I guess it's proportional to his body, but it looks more like a primitive club than a dick, especially with the color change.

My favorite line from this one is "Oh god, does she have a semen fetish or something?" ("Iya... boku no seieki kakerarete yorokobu no wa kimi dake datte...."), and my favorite kanji from this one is :

Eki, "fluid; liquid; juice; sap; secretion".

-Supernumerary Charioteer

You're damn right it's a 'boyfriend look'!

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