Sunday, September 19, 2010

Introduction Post From Your Illustrious Charioteer

Ahoy, arrgh, and hail, ye swill-sucking bilge rats.

This is a quick greeting from your brilliant, handsome, stone-cold, regal, composed, commanding, libertine, modest, and most importantly (though mystifyingly), single, translator, the astounding Supernumerary Charioteer.

In the future you will hear my words of great wisdom regarding aesthetics, obsession, artistry, the human form, obscure etymologies, Classical snobbery from several continents, why it's utterly mystifying that Mengzi is more popular than Han Feizi, how I'm going to stick it to the eroge industry one day by disguising juvenile taunts as games, how to be a proper grammar Nazi, and the proper sound effects for uglies that are currently in the process of bumping. (I like alternating 'schlick' and 'splap'.)

Oh, and some project updates. Occasionally.

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