Monday, August 15, 2011


Also wanted to ask: What doujin situations would you all like to see or see more of? And what common situations are completely inexplicable to you?

Doujins I'd like to see or see more of (in no particular order):

1. The World God Only Knows: Mars causes Yui and Keima to spontaneously change genders... with sexy results.
2. Zetsubou-sensei: Harumi masturbates on a break from writing a yaoi doujin.
3. Zetsubou-sensei: More Harumi/Chiri goodness.
4. Yandere lovin'.
5. Mirai Nikki: AU Akise/Yukki.
6. Genshiken: Angela/Madarame.
7. Hayate the Combat Butler: More Sakuya of any kind.
8. Evangelion: An after-the-end or AU story that maybe goes into Misato and Shinji's relationship a little better. They wouldn't even have to hook up.
9. More bokukko and orekko (female characters who have masculine mannerisms) actually having masculine wants, dreams, and private attitudes, rather than turning into mushy Nadeshikos the second they get within three feet of a cock. (I'm looking at you, Ryouko Oukami.)
10. Gay-pairing doujinshi that can get as hot, messy, and rude as het-pairing ones.
11. Utena: "Kozue Does Ohtori Academy".
12. Tenchi: Washu finally solves the Tenchi Problem by cloning him. Like, fifty times.
13. Figure out what the male version of a futanari is and go to goddamn town.

Situations that I do not understand (also in no particular order):

1. Depersonalizing the male protagonist (shading out his eyes, making him silent, etc.)
2. Molesting/having sex with sleeping women.
3. Women being violated by lecherous old men.
4. Doujins of series with lesyay elements that stubbornly stick to het pairings despite there being ample opportunity for a good lesbian story. (Hey, don't go anywhere, Madoka and Zetsubou-sensei doujinka. I hope that you answer for your crimes now before you are made to answer for them in the next world.)
5. Chikan stories.
6. Dozens-of-random-otaku-cornering-the-heroine-on-a-train stories.
7. MFFF, MFFFF, MFFFFF, and so on stories -- Ladies! Have the good decency to be in a story with an actual orgy before we expire of boredom. Go... I don't know, diddle your sister or something.
8. The absolute obsession Japan has with panties, especially the really plain designs. Those are, like, the cheap hamburger of skin-fitting clothing. Sheer thigh-high stockings are where it's at.
9. Armpit fucking.
10. Sock/shoe fucking.
11. Breasts/pubic mounds/dicks so large that they become grotesque.


  1. Well i have to admit, even for those of you who might not get why, but i would like to see more of ( Women being violated by lecherous old men.)

  2. Well, i want to see more of Code Geass, Persona 3 / 4, Tengen Toppa Gurren lagann *w*

  3. AnonymousJuly 12, 2012

    I love stories in which the lovers have their house or secret hideaway all to themselves, and devour each other for days on end. (I did this years ago with a chick--good times!)

    Here's one, "120 Hours of Sodom," by Yami ni Ugomeku (Dokurosan), in which Misato has to leave on a business trip, leaving Asuka and Shinji alone for a few days (scat alert):

    (This one is just an orgy, but it's also by Dokurosan, so for the sake of completeness, it's one where Asuka and Hikari press Shinji for sex lessons. Money line: "After that...we fucked in every position that we could think of."

    ( )

    Finally, there's a story in RaTe's Ane to Megane to Milk called "The Key to Summer Break," where Takumi finds a key to an abandoned apartment block and brings his sister for a tryst: