Wednesday, October 27, 2010

SHIKINAMI NOTE - Evangelion (English)

Here's another one of my soloish projects, this time we've got a Rebuild doujin on our hands.  I had a fun time working on this one, mainly since I've gotten into the groove of fixing up pages.

A particularly fun page was the spread of Shinji and Asuka sharing his bed.  Not only did I need to join the pages, but the colors weren't matching up right too.  I'm still not quite satisfied with how Asuka's feet don't blend into the background properly, but it's the price I had to pay to get her leg to match up with the rest of her body.  Maybe I'll revisit it again after learning a bit more, but it turned out ok for now.

Oh and that last page *sobs* If you zoom in on any of the pages, you'll notice that the scans are interlaced quite a bit. And when I have to clean big black kanji from a complicated background.....yeah, not really fun.  But I did get it done, would have looked better with better scans, but what can you do?

Ah, forgot to mention this last release post, but that logo that's on the credits page was made for us by our good friend Cloudykumo.  She puts up with my constant stream of photoshop questions and was cool enough  to design kind of a stamp with the kanji we decided to use for our name.  Speaking of which, I should really make a post on the origins of our name huh?  Maybe I'll remember next time >_<;



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