Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Aaaaaaaaalrighty then!

And with that, we're done with our previous releases!  From now on, expect posts on what we're up to, and finished products as they roll out.  Currently we have two doujins that we're in the process of doing, I'll list the details below:

Wolf and the Rutting Season:

Another from the circle that did Wolf and a Little Dirty Chat, so you know I'm excited :D  We actually had to get this one scanned, as there's only the previous title floating about the internet.  A good friend of mind took the time to get it scanned for us, now all that's left to do is get it translated. But, since I'd rather have Charioteer's translation for this (he's got a better way with words than I ever will), this one will have to be put on hold till after November. He's working on another writing project for the NaNoWriMo (Nation Novel Writing Month), couple that with a 8 to 5 work week and that means that translation will have to wait.

Kousoku Kaiten's 2nd Eva Book:

This little number is the one I found at Comic Con.  I figured it'd be fun to translated it, seeing as how A) It's a cool find and B) Cheapest doujin on Ebay that I already had.  See, I've been meaning to try to scan one myself, especially since more and more titles I'd like to translate aren't scanned on the internet.  This will probably be a solo project for me to keep me occupied while Charioteer is busy this month.  Expect updates on my progress as I go

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